Political Disaster For Kristi Noem After Attacking Ron DeSantis

She might as well destroyed her career with this one stupid senseless move!

This move might go down as the worse one in the year 2021, up till this day.

Kristi Noem was once thought to be a sure VP material – smart, beautiful, young, energetic, and GOP and America First supporter. But it all changed after she positioned herself as a fighter for “women’s sports” caved to the NCAA’s transgender agenda. She lost all her sparkle and glory since then. And with the moves she’s making, she might pretty soon be out of politics for good.

She attacked America’s most beloved Governor, Ron DeSantis!

Here’s part of what she said: “Let’s talk about rewriting history. We’ve got Republican governors across this country pretending they didn’t shut down their states, that they didn’t close their beaches….”

Let’s talk about the substance here, because I think it’s both misleading, and not necessarily wrong at the same time. Yes, Florida did close some beaches in COVID hotspots for a very short period of time. Still, that’s not the same as a full-blown, extended lockdown, and I think it’s a bit disingenuous to suggest that. Further, there’s a difference between doing something in April of 2020 and doing it in April of 2021. DeSantis was obviously making decisions on the fly, with the data as it came in. There was a period where no one really had any idea what COVID would be. It’s hard to fault any governor for doing something as minuscule as closing some beaches for a few weeks in the early days of the response.

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In short, Noem isn’t wrong in saying that her state remained less locked down than even Florida. Still, it’s impossible to deny that DeSantis’ overall handling of COVID was excellent.

So, why do I think taking these shots is a mistake — even if she might have some semblance of a point? Because she’s punching up way too early. She’s also inviting criticism of her own record on COVID, and that could be a much bigger problem for her in a general election.”

DeSantis battled and still battles the Left’s agenda on many fronts -successfully. And battling him and burying in his questionable choices sure sn;t a nice thing for a future GOP politician, don’t you agree?

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