NASA Actually Recorded Strange And Chilling Sound In Space

NASA scientists were able to record sounds in space, and the recordings will bring chills down your spine.

We spent years in believing that there’s no sound in the space. It turns out we were taught wrong. Sound exists and it comes in the form of electromagnetic vibrations. Of course, you will be able to hear these sounds only if you have the right equipment. NASA scientists with the Van Allen Probes recorded the sounds.

The group of experts used the “Waves instrument” of the Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science project or EMFISIS. EMFISIS is actually an instrument suite on the Van Allen Probes. It catches both electric and magnetic waves.

“It probes them with a trio of electric sensors as well as three search coil magnetometers, which look for changes in the magnetic field. All instruments were specifically designed to be highly sensitive while using the least amount of power possible.”

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