ANNOUNCEMENT: Amazon Announced That TRUMP COIN Will…

Amazon announced that TRUMP COIN will be added as payment method on their website starting from 15th of December, 2021!

This tweet is also deleted because the TRUMP COIN is mentioned there, the weak democrats didn’t have another choice than reporting the tweet…

The skyrocket to $10.000 will happen in the beginning of December,2021.

They are running of of stock and here are the last free 360 coins, almost 48 million coins were sold in the US these previous days.

We are honored that our President Trump’s face will be on the most powerful coin that will change the world.

The Trump Coin has been approved as the ONLY COIN that will change the HISTORY and all you need to do is to TRUST THE PLAN.

Get at least 25 coins for you and your family and be ready for new beginnings, claim them today because these are the last free stocks available!

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